Brio’s Innovative Approach Will Change the Way you Look at Employee Benefits

Only Brio offers a unique discovery and blueprint, 5-year Plan


We come from the realization that the traditional model to evaluate benefits is broken – It’s reactive, HR leaders are busy and end up rushed during renewal, trying to make decisions in a process that lacks transparency. This leaves employers with benefits that don’t line up with their company culture and do not represent good value…

We’ve created a process to help employers break away from that model. Phase 1 of that process is Discovery… We walk through what the top performing groups in the country are doing based on our ‘Only Brio’ Key Performance Indicators.

Our KPIs are designed to help employers gain control of their healthcare costs, create transparency, effectively engage the workforce, and align benefits and company culture to attract & retain top talent.


Phase 2 of our process takes everything we learned in discovery and using our  extensive network of resources and proprietary technology we deliver a fully customized Blueprint. We call it a Blueprint, but really, it’s a tangible business plan and multi-year strategy for accomplishing all of your goals…a 1,3- and 5-year plan for the successful future of your company’s employee benefits. 

After you have received our blueprint you might just decide to hire us to be your benefits partner … we have often found this to be the case, but either way you and your team will leave having considerably more insight and transparency into the process than you had going in.


Cost Containment









How can you provide the benefits you need to retain talent and stay on budget? We have a multi-year strategy when it comes to controlling costs. 


The way you engage the workforce and communicate to employees has a direct impact on culture and employee experience…

Only Brio has developed a proven communication strategy, and not just for open enrollment but throughout the year. Based on multi-channel communications and engaging messaging, we deliver high employee participation and awareness of the benefits plan.


All the studies show that the workforce values benefits that impact culture and lifestyle often times more than the traditional medical, dental, vision, life, disability, worksite, etc.

Are you offering any non-traditional benefits today? Brio’s network of partners and knowledge will provide access to a range of Culture & Lifestyle tools.


Companies often look at wellness programs to control costs and mitigate risks. Brio has innovative wellness initiatives that are easy and inexpensive to execute.


What is advocacy? To us advocacy is the way you will be serviced and how you will be taken care of. How are you being serviced today? Do you feel completely taken care of and your employees are completely taken care of? If not Brio can change that.


We believe in providing our clients with support when it comes to their technology… Payroll, time and attendance, HRIS, applicant tracking, benefit administration… Are you having any challenges with any of your current technology platforms?


We know about compliance… How are you remaining compliant with all things ERISA related? Employee handbook? Filings? HR Consultants? What is the highest expectation of your broker/consultant when it comes to compliance?


A great retirement plan is an increasingly important benefit in retaining and attracting talent. Are you happy with the plan? TPA? Record keeping? Education and engagement with employees? Brio’s award-winning retirement team will provide advice and expertise that is second to none.


About Alera Group

In 2023, we joined Alera Group, an independent national insurance and wealth services firm, offering comprehensive employee benefits, property and casualty insurance, retirement plan services and wealth services solutions to clients nationwide.  This was a strategic move for Brio to facilitate our continued growth.” 


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